August 25, 2011

The "P" Family

When I was young, I always wanted a family of boys. Wouldn't it be grand to be the only girl among boys? I pictured indoor ball playing and hours of "rough housing." When I took pictures of this family, all of those desires came flooding back. Look at these cute boys. I won't lie either, I would love to look like Char. She is such a fashionista. I met Char through a good friend (I have been blessed with so many good friends). Char is a talented woman. She is the owner of Persnickety Prints and fabulous on the computer. She is also  talented with a camera, skinny, beautiful, hip (if I dare use that word), kind and always willing to help. Char is the one who helped me update my blog a while back and has plans to help me do it again soon. When I met her cute family, it was no surprise that they were every bit as awesome as Char. 
Take a look.......

Had to post this!!!

 Great looking family!!

August 20, 2011

Summer and Chris

I just love these two!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Summer and Chris. They both have amazing families and are so much fun to be around.

August 16, 2011

9 Months Old

These adorable babies are 9 months old. I loved our photo shoot!!!

Stay tuned for 1 year!!!!

August 03, 2011

Little Maddox...

This is Maddox. Newborn son of a friend of mine. I was elated when she asked if I would take his picture. There is something so special about newborn babies. Look at this cute little guy.

He was such a sweetie. 
He made me so anxious to meet my little girl.