September 07, 2016

This Might Have Been the Dumbest Thing I Have EVER Done!

Last year I ran the AF Cancer Run with my friend Sue. My first half marathon and I was so proud of myself. Sue and I signed up to do it again this year.  Not long after I registered, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma.  My whole world changed. Sue said she was going to run it for me. I was so touched and gave up any thought of running.   
But then.......
I was feeling pretty good and wanted to run for two of my family members that were fighting cancer with me. My thought was, "What if I can't do it again?" I didn't really train.  I had two surgeries and started my immunotherapy treatment.  One day I decided to try. I brought it up to my husband. I know he thought I was crazy but he never said so. He told me I could walk if I was tired and the race goes right by my house. I could stop if I needed too. 

It was a very emotional day. I was so nervous. "What if my body couldn't do it?" I DID IT!! A cancer diagnosis, two surgeries, and hardly any training.  I was only 4 minutes slower than last year. My daughter, Morgan, met me at mile nine and finished the race with me, my sister and her family were mid race cheering me on, and Ryanne was waiting at the finish line.  I get teary eyed just writing it down. I had a strength that I didn't know I had. I felt love and support from so many. I couldn't walk for the next 3 days but I did it!!

Sue and I at the start. I wouldn't see her again until the finish.

A few miles in 

The Finish


This sign was out during the race. I couldn't agree more. Cancer sucks and is so scary. I HATE IT!!!

 My sign honoring my fellow cancer family members. Sadly, "Stewart" passed away not too long after the race. He was a great guy. I felt him with me every step of this race.  Terry and I continue our race together. I know "Stewart" is still fighting with me.

So happy to see Sue at the finish line. 

I was totally unprepared physically and I literally could not walk for days after the race. However, this day I said "screw you" to cancer and my body did what everyone including me thought it couldn't.