December 12, 2011

Cider Stand

I am embarrassed that I am so far behind. I am happy to say that I have been SOOO busy with photo shoots that I can either barely keep up on editing, or update my blog. A while back we did this cider stand shoot. I loved it. I love the colors that accompany fall weather. 

Good days.....

November 14, 2011

Anna and Regan

I loved working with this couple. Anna's mom is one of my favorite people. It was no surprise that Anna was wonderful too.

Graham Family

Love working with this family. Great people!

November 09, 2011

October 23, 2011

Look Who's One

Two of my favorite clients are turning one this week.
 Here is a preview of our shoot...

Just one year ago they looked like this...
Gotta love em'

October 07, 2011

Photo Tip Friday.

Recently, several people have asked me photography questions. I have decided that every Friday I will post a "photo tip." Use them if you like, add to them if you like, post some of your photo tips etc.

If you see something you like, take a minute and STOP to take a picture. Don't wait!!!
Every spring for years I have driven past this tree. (Numerous times a day.) When it was full of blossoms, it was so pretty. I always wanted to take a picture. It reminded me of the beauty of spring.
One day I drove by and it looked like this......
If only I had taken a picture when it was pretty. Now it is gone. It was cut down so that they could widen the road. Not only do I not have a picture of something that I thought was  pretty, I also can't take a picture of it anymore.

SO....when you see something you like...take the time to stop and snap a picture!

October 05, 2011

Mini Sessions

I want to thank everyone who has inquired about my work schedule over the next couple of months. I was planning on taking some time off until after the first of the year. However, I love all of you. Some of you have been my clients for years. I am only doing a couple of regular sittings between now and January. I have one opening left for the last week of October. Also, I have decided to do some "mini sessions" with the hope of accommodating those of you who have asked about pictures for Christmas cards. I can't lie, I love taking pictures. This is a great season and I would truly miss the families that are "regulars," not to mention the fact that I love the "new" families I meet through these photo shoots. So, here are the details....

A MINI SESSION includes a 25 minute photo shoot and a high resolution disk of 8-10  edited images. All disks will be ready by December 1st.
If you are interested please call (801) 857-5928 or email
Tell your friends!!!!

October 03, 2011

A Mapleton Family...

I love taking pictures. This family put up with me just a couple of days before I had Hazel. Then, they were patient while I recovered. Thanks Tami and family.

I hope you like them!!1


I took a road trip all the way to Farmington for these pictures. Such a fun family.