March 01, 2012


(Let me begin by saying it is quite the disadvantage to be my neighbor. I took these pictures forever ago and I am just now getting them edited. Many apologies, Joy!)

Meet Niko. 
Our cute next door neighbor, Haidyn, got this cute little package on Christmas morning. We had the privilege of babysitting Christmas Eve so Haidyn could be surprised. My girls were more than happy to help and a little sad to let her go. My husband and I tried to explain to them that they got the best of both worlds: a dog to play with and no responsibilities. I am not sure that they agree.
All involved agree that Niko is the cutest puppy ever.

Haidyn and Niko.
Haidyn was so happy to get a Pug. She had been wanting one for a while.

Look at their little faces.

Haidyn might be the closest thing to a sixth daughter that I will ever have. I love her like she is my own. I can't say the same about Niko. Niko is cute and all, I am just not a dog lover. Don't judge me. I like Niko. I like it even more that her permanent residence is next door.