May 18, 2017


Today, on our way to tumbling Hazel asked to listen to the song Angel Lullaby. A song I have sung to her since she was a baby. It's from My Turn on Earth, a musical that my grandma and grandpa took me to see when I was a little girl. It sings of sleeping and being guarded by angels. A whole different post, but a little insight into how our drive started.

Hazel starts singing the song and then says, "Mom, how come I never see the angels anymore? I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that got to see Grandma." I reply, "I'm not sure," and then pull over to text her question to Tim and the big kids. Thanks to Tim's promptings, I ask her where she saw the angels. Hazel replies, "You know when I had my old bed and could never sleep good? You know then." She got a new bed a couple of years ago.

Me, "What angels did you see?"
Hazel, "Well, grandma, great grandma and grandpa, and did I have an aunt who died....yeah her too."
My mom's favorite aunt passed away the day after my mom died. I'm guessing Hazel was talking about her.

Me,"What did they talk to you about?"
Hazel, "Well, when they left they said goodbye and that they love me. Of course they hugged and kissed me and said they will be back soon. Maybe they went to talk to Jesus."

I cried.