January 19, 2011

Face Lift

fellow bloggers.....

The amazing and talented Chari Pack of Persnickety Prints has given my blog a "Face Lift."
She also designed my watermark and logo.
Told ya, she is amazing!!

To all of you who look at this blog
i would 
 if you would leave a comment and let me know who you are and whether or not you like what you see! Or just say, "hi!"

I would also love it if you would grab my "button" and put it on your blog.
I am so grateful to every one who has supported me this past year!
Business is great. Life is even better.

My family.....

(Thanks to Kristi Kunz Welch from "Karma" for letting us use her chair and building!)

We hope you enjoy the new and improved "TreasureLayne" Blog!
*suggestions welcome.


  1. the blog looks awesome!!! your family is so beautiful and you are so talented! love youuuuuu!!!!

  2. Hey mam- Candice here from church ;) I LOVE seeing all of your amazing photos - you are incredible :)!! I want to schedule family pix for April/May=ish, so when do I need to get it on your calendar?? I gotta make sure I get a spot!!!!!! Soooo excited- already planning outifts- eekkk! And I LOVE the new blog!

  3. you DA BOMB!! i love it!! looks sooo awesome.
    and your family picture is awesome!!


  4. Thanks for the shout out Kari- Your family is beautiful!

  5. I have wanted to comment forever, but I am always in the biggest hurry. It has got to stop! I love your work, you've got it going on girl! Your family is gorgeous! Love all the pictures of the fam!