May 23, 2012


I love my job. One of the best things about it is that people call and ask me to photograph the best things in life. Recently, my friend, whom I was friends with when I was young, called and asked if I would take pictures of them meeting their baby for the first time. They adopted this sweet baby girl and I had the privilege of being there and watching/photographing them meeting her for the very first time.

Meet Sayler

I have witnessed adoption up close. Years ago one of my best friends placed a baby up for adoption. It honestly changed my life. It was the hardest thing I could ever imagine doing. These birth mom's whatever the circumstance are AMAZING! They deserve a special place in heaven for having the strength and courage to let someone else raise their baby. I can't even imagine what they go through.

This time, I was friends with the adoptive parents and got to witness adoption from a whole different view. All the while having a "reverence" for the beautiful woman who had just given birth to their daughter. 

When I arrived at the hospital my friend, Janel was standing outside the delivery room listening to the cries of the brand new babe just on the other side of the door. Johnny, her husband, was every bit the new dad. A little nervous, but smiling from ear to ear. A baby couldn't ask for better parents!
 Janel holding Sayler for the first time.
 Dad taking in every moment.
Dad holding Sayler for the very first time.
My hat goes off to both mom's. Both trying to make a beautiful moment while knowing this was a difficult situation. The birth mom was so sweet and Janel and Johnny were so considerate of her feelings. I was truly amazed at the scene. It was beautiful. 
This was one of my favorite photos. Birth mom holding baby while mom and dad check out her little toes.
I realized how hard this is on adoptive couples. It seems so much harder than pregnancy. They wait. Hoping to be chosen and then wait hoping minds aren't changed. Then they meet their baby and fall in love!!

Have I mentioned that I love my job!!!!!!

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  1. Your words and pictures are just beautiful Kari. Thank you so much for being there to capture these moments!