January 23, 2013

Valentine Mini Shoots

In my dream I adorned my blog with hearts and kisses to please the eye and send one fluttering into valentine heaven. This is "when I woke up!" So please close your eyes and imagine it. Then quickly open them because I don't want you to miss these cute photos of Hazel bushes.
 Okay. I am going to do it. Valentine Mini Shoots.
*Thursday, January 31st from 10 am to 4 pm
* 20-30 minute session
*disk with 4-6 edited images
*ready for pick up February 5th so you have time to "get your valentine on!"
*price 25.00 for 2 kids 5.00 for each additional child
*call or email for an appt. 
Thank you to all who asked for this. It is nice to feel loved. I remember who you are. I will fit you in for sure. Just email, or text the time you would like.

 Happy Heart Season!!!
Again, imagine hearts kisses, cute red and pink embellishments

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