April 07, 2016

Nothing Prepares Your Heart

Nothing prepares your heart......

I watched as my son stood waiting to see his future bride in her wedding dress for the first time. In photography circles this is called "The First Look." My heart started to beat faster and I almost couldn't catch my breath. I had known this day was coming, felt mentally prepared, no big deal. I photograph this moment for couples all the time. I lost it a little. My son, my only boy, loves another woman. A women that is fabulous. I mean, I know he is supposed to fall in love and get married, but standing there faced with the reality of it.....my heart was not prepared.  I love Jaclyn. I think she is wonderful and I can't think of a better woman for my son.  It's tricky. This is the boy who kissed my hand before he left for school so I wouldn't miss him quite as much. Now he is grown and moving forward and I wouldn't want it any other way. I just wasn't quite prepared.

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