October 27, 2016

Vegas with Emmie for Macs.

Every Spring Emmie and I pack up with Joy and Haidyn and head to Vegas for a cheer comp. In light of recent health scares, I wasn't sure I could go. I had just had two surgeries and had a drain that wasn't ready to come out.  If I wanted to go, I would have to go with the drain. I asked the Dr if it was okay to go with it in, he said that if I felt comfortable it would be okay. From the look on his face, he thought I was crazy.  I decided to put my big girl panties on and go. I was nervous, but excited.

Emmie and I always ride with Joy and Haidyn. We were packed and ready to go. Joy was driving and she turned and looked at me and said, "I am not going to treat you like your sick." I was so happy.  Ten words that made my heart happy. The last 2 months had been all about what was wrong with me. I had missed out on quite a few things. I got to be a normal person for the weekend. Well, as "normal" as one can when medicated and wearing a blood bag pinned to the inside of your shirt.

We did great. I was anxious in large groups. People would bump my back or pat my arm (both of which had stitches). Joy, Emmie and Haidyn would walk in a barrier around me. We figured it out and I was able to do everything. Emmie's little cheer team was awesome.  Watching Emmie tumble makes me so happy. She is amazing! I watched her encourage others, work hard and make sure that I was okay all weekend.

I learned so much watching Emmie this weekend. She has a tender heart. She was continually making sure that I was okay.  We had a couple minor issues with my drain and I could always tell how worried Emmie got when Joy and I talked or tried to fix it.We had a great weekend. In all aspects. I am so grateful that Joy talked me into going.

Emmie cheered like a champ. The girls won first place and they were so excited! We walked around Vegas, the girls swam, we ate and played. We got to have dinner with the Kelleher family which is always a favorite. Terrible picture, good times!
Emmie's Cheer Team

Em and her awesome coach, Dayna


My tribe

Em, Charlotte and Haidyn

Charlotte, Emmie, Haidyn and Emily

Ready to compete

Cutest girls


Dinner at Claim Jumper with our favorites

I loved getting away and spending time with Emmie. It was harder than I thought and better than I thought all at the same time!! Way to go Outlaws!! Great competition! My drain came out the day after we got home! Yay!!!

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