June 10, 2017

Disney with Hazel

 Day 1: On Sunday morning I woke Hazel up and told her we were going to California. She and I were headed to Disneyland and Costa Mesa to visit her best friend, Remi.

        I hope I never forget how excited she was as I got her dressed and ready to go. 
We got to California around 2pm and walked to Downtown Disney. Hazel was so excited and cute on the way. She said, "We should take a selfie and send it to Dad so he can see how happy we are."

When we got to Downtown Disney we decided to spend the rest of the day at California Adventure. I am so glad we did. The power happened to go out right when we got there so they gave us 3 fast passes for anything we wanted. It was so great because the wait for Cars was 2 hours and there were no more fast passes left. It was such a great day.

 King Triton's Carousel
 The Goofy Ride
 Jumping Jelly Fish
 Elsa Ears
 Ariel Ride

 How cute is she? Loved every minute of the day with this cutie. We took a Taxi back to the hotel and Hazel was asleep minutes after her head hit the pillow.


Her smile on the Carousel

Her face when the purple car rolled up on CARS

Hazel asking, "Is she real?" on Ariel

Day 2: We got up, ate breakfast and headed straight to Disneyland. Hazel skipped all the way there. 

Dumbo was our first ride.
 More Dumbo
 more TeaCups
 Princess Elena
 Thunder Mountain

 Meeting Minnie (totally worth the 1 hour wait!!!)

 This is how we wait in line.

 Toon Town Roller Coaster
 Donald's House

 Thunder Mountain Take 2


Hazel HATED Space Mountain. I mean she was really mad when it was over. It was too dark and she hated not being able to see where she was going. 

 I had to make her eat and go potty every little while. 

Hazel LOVED It's a Small World

She gave me so many hugs and kisses

She used her Bubble Maker to entertain other kids in line

On Thunder Mountain she yelled,"This is terrifying!!!"

Sharing Popcorn

Hazel sneaking Moana a hug without waiting in line

Day 3: We woke up, ate breakfast and then went to visit Remi, Hazel's BFF.

They are the same human and I love that they are friends.
They swam all day. Only got out for meals.

 Dinner Break

They even swam before we left for the airport. 

 Entertaining while waiting for our flight.

 She slept the whole way home.

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