October 07, 2011

Photo Tip Friday.

Recently, several people have asked me photography questions. I have decided that every Friday I will post a "photo tip." Use them if you like, add to them if you like, post some of your photo tips etc.

If you see something you like, take a minute and STOP to take a picture. Don't wait!!!
Every spring for years I have driven past this tree. (Numerous times a day.) When it was full of blossoms, it was so pretty. I always wanted to take a picture. It reminded me of the beauty of spring.
One day I drove by and it looked like this......
If only I had taken a picture when it was pretty. Now it is gone. It was cut down so that they could widen the road. Not only do I not have a picture of something that I thought was  pretty, I also can't take a picture of it anymore.

SO....when you see something you like...take the time to stop and snap a picture!

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